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Why My Favorite Plate is Home Plate

As another baseball season begins I am reminded to enjoy every moment. It will fly by and before you know it I will be right back where I was last year, crying over spilled sunflower seeds and missing home plate. *** August 7, 2017 I’m homesick. I miss my seeing my boy behind home plate, crossing home plate, throwing down to home plate. I know some may find it ridiculous. I’m surprised myself. As I unpack from our trip this morning I am fighting tears as I take baseball uniforms to the laundry for the last time this year....

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The Crazy Way I Found My Son (And I Didn’t Die)

My son has loved roller coasters since he was 10 years old. For years he has ridden them alone because we were all too afraid of heights and twists and turns and, well, certain death. He is sixteen now and he still loves coasters: the bigger and scarier the better. He’s always begged us, any of us to ride with him, but Fear always held us back. He has been understanding. He would joke, call me a wimp, and then laugh at me. “Mom, look!” he’d say, “People get off the ride. No one dies!” “Don’t bore me with...

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