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Forget the Flowers, Find the Fun on Heart Day

This post is sponsored by TiffinTalk. All Opinions are my own.  With four kids and demanding, full time careers, my husband and I find it difficult to carve out moments for ourselves to connect. Date night has become crash on the couch night. We are happy if we are on the same couch. Or even in the same room. The problem is we are never alone. It isn’t that we don’t want to be, but the opportunity to be intimate on any level keeps getting crushed by the day to day demands children, carpool, jobs, bills, whatever broke in...

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Look Up Before You Miss It – How I Didn’t Butt In When I Wanted To

I went to dinner with my family tonight at a local restaurant. We were enjoying our meal and one another’s company when I was distracted by the people at another table. I really wanted to butt into someone else’s life tonight and it wasn’t because they were loud or obnoxious. Just the opposite. Two men were seated at a table by the wall. An older gentleman (I’m going to call him Joe) was facing me at a slight angle and his dinner partner (let’s say Jack, to simplify) sat across from him and I could see part of the...

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The Crazy Way I Found My Son (And I Didn’t Die)

My son has loved roller coasters since he was 10 years old. For years he has ridden them alone because we were all too afraid of heights and twists and turns and, well, certain death. He is sixteen now and he still loves coasters: the bigger and scarier the better. He’s always begged us, any of us to ride with him, but Fear always held us back. He has been understanding. He would joke, call me a wimp, and then laugh at me. “Mom, look!” he’d say, “People get off the ride. No one dies!” “Don’t bore me with...

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My Anti-Resolution: What To Do in the New Year

I’m not making resolutions this year. They don’t work; no one keeps them. Mama’s wisdom for the new year? Take the first step and do what scares you! I don’t mean running in heavy traffic or walking in the sketchy parts of town late at night. Don’t be stupid. I don’t even advise running at all. I mean do the things you want to do that you’ve never tried because you were too afraid. Chase your dream. What goal do you want to reach that you could get to if you just took that first step? Do you want...

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The Day I Moved Into My Yoga Pants

I finally got my first pair of yoga pants. Let me explain that I have zero interest in yoga. I did it once. My husband got a set of exercise videos so we could work out together at home which means I did yoga for a total of 18 excruciating minutes that I will never get back and all I learned was that my favorite pose is the one at the end where you lay on the floor on your face and pretend to be asleep. I think it’s called Passed Out Tantrum Kid Pose or something like that. It...

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