When my son was in Kindergarten a little girl crawled up near his chair during class and bit him on the butt.
I kid you not.
When his teacher called me to tell me what happened I dang near peed my pants, I laughed so hard. The image of it happening played over and over in my head and it got funnier and funnier because, well… kids.
Later in the day, though, I thought about the Mom of that little girl and the phone call SHE got from the teacher. She most likely wasn’t laughing. I would not have been if my child had been the aggressor. If my child had army crawled around the classroom like a stalker land shark and tried to make a snack out of a chunk of a classmate’s backside, I would have been horrified.
To this day I’ve wished I knew her (I didn’t/don’t) so I could call her and assure her that it was ok. That I understand kids and that they do crazy, weird things we can’t explain because their minds are fresh and new and exploring and learning all the time. I wanted to tell her he is my fourth child and offer that we’ve seen almost all of the craziness of parenting; this is just a funny thing that happened. I wish I could have taken her a coffee and offered my friendship and we could have laughed about it together.
I can only hope that she laughed, too. I hope she saw the humor. I hope she knew that she’s a great mom and her child was just being five.
When things happen with my kids, I want to support the other parents, too, if I can. I want to reach out and let them know that we are in this together. I hope that, as parents, we can uplift and live the “it takes a village” mantra as much as possible because it does.
It takes a village.
It takes a whole universe working together to raise good humans.
And if they see us making taking those steps, reaching out to others, they’ll follow along. They will grow up and raise more good humans, too.

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