I just saw the dumbest commercial.

“Being a mom means I notice everything, like when he’s falling behind in height and weight.”

What world do we live in where products are marketed to moms that prey on our fear and anxiety over the height of our children? He’s falling behind in height? Seriously? That isn’t a thing. How tall a child is isn’t within his or his mother’s control.

C’mon, People.

Don’t we have enough to worry about?

I don’t know about you, but I worry about everything under the sun. 

I worry about screen time. How much, the content, predators online, (I see you, weird dude in your mom’s basement trying to talk to my nine year old. BE GONE!), and that Momo thing. What is that thing?

I worry about peer pressure, bullying, social media, bullying on social media, and that mean kid at school who taught my kid how to say the F word so no, he can’t come over to play. 

I worry that we aren’t doing enough to help him get ahead in academics and sports. Will he be able to keep up with the other kids? Should he be in ABC Advanced Summer classes? Is he signed up for all of the “select” sports teams? He’ll never be drafted in the first five rounds of the NFL if he isn’t in the premier Little League Football program. WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S SECOND STRING?! HE’S THE FASTEST 7 YEAR OLD IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

We have about 8 billion things to worry about as parents. Some are valid and some are just ridiculous. Let’s worry less about the things that don’t matter, like future NFL drafts. Let’s do our best to keep out kids safe and make sure they have an actual childhood. They will be as tall as they were meant to be no matter how much we worry.

Of  course I worry about what my kids eat. I worry if they get enough of the right nutrition, but let’s face it. No amount of nutrition is going to make him freaking TALLER. 

Don’t come at me with more things to be afraid of just to sell me another product I don’t need. I’m a Mom. I’ve got enough to be afraid of already. 

Have you seen that Momo thing?


  1. Absolutely!! The mom guilt (and worry) is so real! 100% agree that as parents we shouldn’t take on any unneeded concerns or anxieties to agonize over things we have 0 control over!

    The Juneau Home Blog

  2. I love my daughter, not sure where her smarts came from but she sure has them.

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