I get a lot of crap for the amount of time I spend on social media. I smile and take it, in part because it’s true. I do spend alot of time on Facebook. I’ll own it. I update my status four times a day. I post pictures of my dinner. I’m a lousy cook. When I hit a dinner home run I want EVERYONE to know about it! I post photos of my super-adorable-no one-has-ever-seen-cuter-kids-than-mine kiddos and watch for everyone to oooh and aaaaw over them. I ooooh and aaaaw over my friends super-adorable-nearly, but-not-quite-as-cute-as-my-own-offspring kids. I’ll admit it. I’m a serial poster.

“Get a life!”

“Get off the internet and pay attention to your kids!”

“Mom!  That better not end up on your Facebook page!!!”  (<<< That is one of my favorites!)

What do I have to say to all of those comments?

Suck it.

I really should be nice and considerate, but if someone else is going to tell me what I should do I feel like I can return the favor. I mean it in a loving and thoughtful way, but seriously… suck it.

You know what else I do on Facebook? I keep up with my kids’ sports schedules. I get to interact with family I love, but they live in other states and I might never get to know them otherwise. I offer encouragement to friends, to other moms or dads who are down and need help because being a parent is so often an isolating, lonely place with little to no positive reinforcement. Sometimes, I’m the one who needs the encouragement and I don’t have the luxury of popping out to a Mommy and Me group. Those are amazing places. I’ve heard of them, been invited to them by really awesome people, but I can’t go. I work a schedule that doesn’t allow me that flexibility. I post pictures so my husband can see the smile on his son’s face on that first day of school that he had to miss because Daddy’s schedule wouldn’t let him go. I invite people I love into my life so we can share something even when the daily grind of life doesn’t let us get together in person.

“Make time for people in person again!”

I’d love to!!! I really would. When I get done working my 60 hour week, get done making sure my kids get everywhere they need to be, get done working at my second job, I would love to! I work hard and I am so thankful that I get to do it. I am blessed beyond measure. I’m also blessed by this thing, the internet, and the outlet it provides me.

“You work from home.  What do you have to talk about over and over?”

I love my job, but the amount of meaningful adult interaction in a day is slim. My day consists of ABC’s, boogers, and poop. Other people’s boogers and poop. Yea, so really is my reaching out over FB such a bad thing? I get to share my day at work (minus the boogers and poop) and the day of the little ones I care for and, as a result, their parents get a glimpse of their child’s day, too.

Sue me.

I share my struggles and my tragedies.  When my son died I just couldn’t make myself  be around people, but I could read.  I read hundreds of notes from people who wanted to reach out to us and offer love and support. I was able to thank them with a note back even though I felt like I couldn’t leave my home because, well because. On the flip side, I’m able to offer comfort to others, as well. I can offer prayers that I might not otherwise know were needed. I can let someone else know that they are not alone. I care for them, too.

I’ve participated in fundraisers and community efforts that were organized via Facebook. I’ve watched families in crisis be lifted up and surrounded with care because people reached out over Facebook. The possibilities for good are endless.

Social media  is pretty awesome. It allows people the freedom to talk to each other, to learn about each other, to HELP each other,  and to enjoy a nice picture of a beautifully plated dinner. If you don’t want to see my chicken pasta concoction, feel free to scroll on by. I promise my feelings won’t be hurt and even more, I’ll never know!

And to all of the people who are busting my chops over how much I post on FB:  how would you know about my time if you aren’t here, too?


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      I just saw this! I’m sorry I missed seeing it before. Thank you so much!

  1. This is the absolute truth! I love Facebook because it keeps me connected to so many people, including you! ????

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