We laugh to cope, but this isn’t a joke.


Yes, this is hard. REALLY HARD!

This is so sucktastic. It is mentally exhausting. For some people it is physically painful.

Death is worse.

Maybe you won’t get sick. That’s great, that’s awesome. But you could be carrying this virus and not know it. You could spread it to others without meaning to. Who are you willing to risk infecting? Who is expendable in your mind?

I hear kids being flippant about the stay home order as if it doesn’t apply to them.

It applies to everyone. Everyone is at risk. Are you willing to kill my mom? Are you willing to put your neighbor’s baby in the ICU? Are you willing to orphan your own children?

I’m not.

I closed my business today. I removed half of my family’s income in order to keep my family, and the families of the kids I care for, safe. It is a huge blow to everyone involved, but I feel it is necessary.

Please think of others. Please use technology to reach out for social contact. Zoom, Facetime , etc. can be used to visit with family and friends. Take a drive and get some wind in your face. For the love, STAY HOME.

Can we all reconcile our minds to giving up several weeks of our freedom in exchange for decades more to live? To give decades more of life to our family, friends, and strangers we’ve never even met?

There is no question my mind.

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