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The Real Reason I’m Not Going to Talk About Who Effed Up My Day

I love that I get to write about nothing and everything. If an idea strikes me I can put it out there and anyone who wants to read it is able to. Most of the time. My dad and I were joking around the other day and he said, I’m pretty sure in jest, something like “Oh yeah? Well, I can make up lies about you and post them on the internet!” (My dad just got Facebook. Help me.) I ripped back with something equally mature, “Oh yeah? Well, my lies about you will get a WAY bigger audience!”...

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Look Up Before You Miss It – How I Didn’t Butt In When I Wanted To

I went to dinner with my family tonight at a local restaurant. We were enjoying our meal and one another’s company when I was distracted by the people at another table. I really wanted to butt into someone else’s life tonight and it wasn’t because they were loud or obnoxious. Just the opposite. Two men were seated at a table by the wall. An older gentleman (I’m going to call him Joe) was facing me at a slight angle and his dinner partner (let’s say Jack, to simplify) sat across from him and I could see part of the...

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My Anti-Resolution: What To Do in the New Year

I’m not making resolutions this year. They don’t work; no one keeps them. Mama’s wisdom for the new year? Take the first step and do what scares you! I don’t mean running in heavy traffic or walking in the sketchy parts of town late at night. Don’t be stupid. I don’t even advise running at all. I mean do the things you want to do that you’ve never tried because you were too afraid. Chase your dream. What goal do you want to reach that you could get to if you just took that first step? Do you want...

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